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Please follow instructions below for setting up popup windows.


1. Go to “Internet Options” from IE main window
2. Click on Privacy tab
3. Click on “Settings”
4. In “Address of website to allow” box type in “*.zitter.com”
5. Click “Add” button
6. Close


1. Click “Tools”
2. Click “Options”
3. Click on “content” tab
4. Click “Exceptions”
5. In “Address of website” box type in “*.zitter.com”
6. Click “Allow
7. Click Close


1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
2. Select Settings.
3. Click Show advanced settings.
4. in the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button.
5. In the "Pop-ups" section, click Manage exceptions.
6. In “Hostname pattern” type in “*.zitter.com”
7. Click “Allow”
8. Click Done.

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